Si vous souhaitez faire partager les chants que nous avons travaillés en anglais ou simplement les réécouter, voici les paroles et les vidéos des chansons :


Générique de la famille Addams

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky,
They're all together ooky,
The Addams Family.

Their house is a museum
Where people come to see 'em
They really are a scream
The Addams Family.

So get a witches shawl on
A broomstick you can crawl on
We're gonna pay a call on
The Addams Family


 Singin'in the rain - Gene Kelly


I'm singin in the rain, just singin in the rain,
What a glorious feeling, I'm happy again!
I'm laughing at clouds, so dark, up above,
The sun's in my heart and I'm ready for love.
Let the stormy clouds chase, everyone from the place,
Come on with the rain, I've a smile on my face
I'll walk down the lane, with a happy refrain,
Just singin, singin in the rain.